Meet the Team

Steve and Kendra Hooper, OwnersAfter marrying his wife Kendra and a successful career on the east coast, they decided to return to what they love. In 2004 the Hooper’s settled into southern Utah to open the St. George Running Center. Doors first opened in 2006. Diane Tracy Diane is a very well known and respected Triathlete in the Southern Utah Area. She worked as an exercise scientist for many years and now enjoys coaching and training her own athletes with the Southern Utah Triathlon Club. Not only does she help others, Diane trains to win. She has been to the Kona championships multiple times and continues to travel for races of her own. She is also incredibly knowledgeable in the science behind shoes and nutrition and is incredibly willing to spread her knowledge. Levi Hawks
Levi is a St. George runner born and raised. After running a year at Southern Utah University he decided to head back home to train on the trails he loved. Over the past few years, Levi has completed and won multiple ultra marathons. He continues to crush the trails near his home and enjoys anything out in our Southern Utah desert. He also is a Altra Running Company ambassador and can help you with any of your trail needs.
Mia SmithMia is our Page Arizona girl. Mia grew up running on her high school cross country and track team and now competes at the college level with the Dixie State University. Mia loves track season, the mile and 800 being her favorite events. She has been apart of the Running Center family for the past few years and can help with any questions you may have. Jess Brazeal is one of our marathon crushers. Over the past few years she has been a huge part of our store’s race team and has gotten to race all over the country. She has been at the store for quite some time and loves to keep our place nice and organized. She also, is extremely good at diagnosing a runner’s problem and finding the right shoe to fit. Jenn HatcherJenn is another one of our trail crushers and has raced multiple ultra’s and 100 milers. She loves the desert trails of St. George, but also crushes the mountain peaks. She enjoys just about any activity outside and loves to share her experiences. She is an incredible nature photographer and takes pictures in just about ever place she runs.
Melissa Terry is one of the newest members of the squad and not one bit behind. She is a mother and gymnastics teacher, as well as an incredible runner. She has been part of the running community for the last 10 years and loves the marathon and half marathon distance. Melissa has been to Boston multiple times and continues to seek out new courses. She is incredibly sweet and is excited to help you with any of your running needs. Alysha Byington is the mind behind our ordering here at the store. She is extremely organized and almost always knows what’s going on before any of us do. She is a mother of 3 and loves planning cards and board games with her kids. Jeanne Abele – You may never meet Jeanne, but she’s been with the SGRC since 2006. Her attention to detail keeps our accounts and books in line. For the last 20 years she has been an active runner and has run events from the 5k to marathon.
John McClellan John is an all around runner. He started with the half and full marathon, but has recently started getting into the ultra running scene. He has completed the St George Marathon 3 times and is planning on a fourth this year. He has also run the Wasatch and Zion Ragnar and loves the atmosphere of being part of a team. Isabelle Gulbranson is one of college girls. She is currently running at Dixie State University, but is originally from Texas. In the past year she has struggled with a broken foot so she didn’t get to enjoy a ton of running. However, she has finally been cleared and she is ready to compete again. Isabelle is incredibly good with customers and loves to share her passion of running with others. Lily Poulton – Lily has also been working at the store for the past couple years starting in high school. She loves running any trail no matter the terrain or the time. She is currently running cross country and track at Utah Valley University, while enjoying some new mountains. Lily is majoring in exercise science to learn as much as she can about the body and running. She hopes to get into the trail running world after college.